Getting Started with EnergyTag

All the content you read from this point forward will support your engagement with the initiative. We’re sharing resources, links, and contact information, to assist you in contributing your knowledge, time, and skills to support EnergyTag activities.


  1. The Problem we address.

  2. Watch our 2-min video explainer about importance of Granular Accounting.

  3. Learn more about our Projects.

  4. Read our Blog.

  5. Visit our How we Work page to learn more about our Team and how we make decisions.

  6. Explore our latest Standards and Publications.

  7. Visit our FAQ page.

  8. Check out our Library.

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For participation in the Standard editor’s groups, please send an inquiry to, explaining on how you plan to contribute. You are also welcome to reach out with ideas on WG sessions.


🤝Get Involved: Our Working Groups


EnergyTag contributes to establishing the global market of granular certificates and deep grid decarbonization through 3 Strategic Pillars. We run working groups on each:


WG1: Standard & Guidelines - Help us write the standards for Granular Certificates.

WG2: Market Development - Help us define the markets for buying time-matched clean power.

WG3: Policy & Awareness - Help us shape policy for better carbon accounting.

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