Working Group 3: Policy & Awareness




  • Key Goal: Ensure robust, granular clean electricity accounting in policy.

  • Main Activities:

    • Clean hydrogen in EU/US,

    • RED III update,

    • GHG Protocol update,

    • EU CBAM,

    • Various other topics listed in the Granular Policy Compass.

  • Done so far:

    • Successful campaign to enable Granular GOs in EU law.

    • Successful campaign to require hourly matching for EU Green hydrogen.

    • Ongoing contribution to US campaign for granular rules for clean H2.

    • Submitted multiple consultation responses (see Granular Policy Compass).

  • Next Steps:

    • Continued engagement in clean H2 certification in EU/US.

    • GHG Protocol Scope 2 campaign for granular accounting.

  • Contribution Options:

    • Reach out to inform us of important granular policy initiatives.

    • Inform EnergyTag of relevant policy initiatives and consultations.

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GC Policy Compass - share information on other important regulations.

🔗Key People & Links

  • Chair: Killian Daly

  • Operations Coordinator: Yevheniia Kyrychenko

Refer to EnergyTag WG Planner to check the meeting timeline.


How to Join

The meetings are held once every 6-8 weeks on Zoom.