Working Group 2: Market Development




  • Key Goal: Foster GC markets and case studies globally.

  • Main Activities:

    • Case Studies,

    • GCs in market design,

    • Webinar series on GC Markets.

  • Done so far:

    • Multiple working group meetings showcasing GC projects to 100s of stakeholders.

    • 24 EnergyTag Case Study Projects on 5 continents.

  • Next Steps:

    •  Further engagement with case studies,

    • GCs in market design.

  • Contribution Options:

    • Visit our Case Studies page showcasing hourly tracking projects.

    • Reach out at to add your case study to our website.

    • Present your work on hourly matching to the Working Group.


🔗Key People & Links

  • Chair: Killian Daly

  • Operations Coordinator: Yevheniia Kyrychenko

Refer to EnergyTag WG Planner to check the meeting timeline.


Emails:; (for members only).

How to Join

The meetings are held once every 6-8 weeks on Zoom.