Working Group 1: Standard & Guidelines




  • Key Goal: Develop a uniform international Standard for GC Schemes and Matching.

  • Main Activities:

    • Standard creation and consultation,

    • Help define Assessment and Verification process,

    • GC Registry API Specification creation.

  • Done so far:

  • Next Steps:

    • Continuous improvement of Standards.

    • API Spec update.

  • Contribution Options:

    • Participate in standards updates (review/editing teams).

    • Get audited against the Standard.

    • Implement the API.

📋 Get Assessed by EnergyTag

GC Issuer Assessment

If you are a GC Issuer seeking EnergyTag compliance for your GC Scheme, please follow these steps:

GC Matching Claim Verifier Assessment

We are currently finalizing the Assessment process for Claim Verifiers.

🔗Key People & Links

Read our Granular Certificates Guide for a simplified intro.

Refer to EnergyTag WG Planner to check the meeting timeline.


How to Join Working Group 1

Our Standard Update subgroup meets every 2 weeks at 16:00 CET.